With health and well-being as part of its genetic makeup, Ciro's Plaza is reinventing itself with aunque“Eco-Lifestyle” promise. The newly revamped shopping mall places strong emphasis on “Creativity, Fun, Aesthetics and Humanity, ” in terms of design, products and services offered.


Basement Level 1 will feature natural, healthy, organic eateries, groceries and daily necessities. Levels 1 and 2 will present a collection of designer fashion and accessories boutiques. Level 3 is for organic lifestyle and home furnishings, and accessories, as well as restaurants. Level 4 will offer food-and-beverage along with products and services for beauty and health. 


The shopping mall will undergo a renovation to transform it into an environmentally friendly shopping space. Wherever possible, natural recyclable materials and environmental-healthy paints will be used. The new Ciro's Plaza will be a unique lifestyle center and a garhering place for people who passionately care about their internal and external environment. It will be a dedicated space for those who pursue a greener and more holistic lifestyle.